1st week down, many more to go

As far as college is concern, my only issue is completing my degree in this tight economic climate. Right now I am a Junior in my college, and I’m half way though completing my degree. I’m hoping to graduate college by 2017 and start Graduate Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant school. As for me, College is going very well, and my classes are great. I still have my gender neutral dorm, and I am the only one known to have a Gender Neutral Dorm. I’m Lucky to have that because I don’t like having roommates and roommates who are not accepting of people. I have my own dorm room, which I can be Nude all the time and be comfortable within my own skin.

The other is getting treated for Vitiligo, which is white spots on my skin. I am getting Photo Therapy done at the University of Connecticut Health center, and I have to see the clinic twice a week. I had Vitiligo since 2007, and now it’s getting treated with UV photo therapy. It dose cause problems with my class schedule, cause I have to make a run from Willimantic to Farmington and back . The treatment doesn’t take long, and I am back on campus by evening. I’m hoping by summer. I’m hoping by summer that I can have clearer skin and my skin can come back to normal. They even recommended to me that I can consider using Dermablend, which is a medical makeup to cover my Vitiligo. It’s something that my dermatologist have recommended and something I may consider as well during the spring semester.

As far as finding work , this economy has been very rough on me because of the rough job market and the fact that a lot of companies and places don’t hire anyone that has been out of work for a long time. The fact that I am in college, makes it hard to make money and focus on my degree, though I am looking for an Internship and seriously looking to land one for this summer or in the fall. At the same time I have to look at renewing my EMT license this year & this year I may get back into the EMS business and ride the truck again. I know I need to keep up my EMS skills for Graduate Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant school. While I am at it work on getting my pistol permit get NRA gun training as well.

As far as my Nudist life, I do have plans to spend summer vacations at my favorite Nudist resorts. I have plans to camp out at a Nudist resort this summer and will be looking at getting a New cabin tent and some serious camping gear as well. Spend some time at a Nudist resort and time to be close with nature and the skin I am in. I’ll be able to meet more people and hangout more often in the Nudist community. It will be in between taking summer college classes to help get me to graduate sooner than later. Which will keep me very, very busy during the summer and throughout the year.

Overall, I’ll have a very busy year and a very active year as well.


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