lack of college inclusion

One thing I often notice when I am in college, is the lack of inclusion. It’s very hard to be to be included in may campus, clubs and sports teams as a disabled student. It’s even harder to make friends because of your disability. No one wants to deal with disabled college students and as a result, I am left to fend for myself and doing things by myself. I hardly get involve with my campuses clubs, sports teams or even my dorms housing association. I simply steered clear of them because I have always felt like I was never welcomed or included. The one thing I see at Eastern Connecticut State University is the lack of Inclusion of Disabled College students in Sports, campus life and the campus community.  It’s why it’s hard for me to get involve on campus because of my disability.

Though I’d like to be involved with my campus and be more social, I am finding that to be very difficult because their way too many people in, clubs and sports teams on my campus that act way too cliquey and are not welcoming to new people in their club. It seems like clubs and sports teams on my campus are not to receptive of disabled college students. It’s why most times, I often end up in my gender neutral dorm, doing my own thing and having little to no social life on campus. The sad part about this is that most times, I don’t have anyone on campus to hang out with.

It’s why I find it so hard to get involve on campus and be so included, when people at my college act very cliquey and closed circled. It’s why I mostly stayed to myself and doing thing by myself when I wished I had friends I can hang out and do things with. Though sadly on this campus, I am finding it very hard to be involved and included. Which is why sometimes, I am glad when I’m home, cause my family always comes first in my book. Most times when I am on campus, I am usually by myself and doing things by myself because I hardly have anyone on campus to hang out with or any clubs or sports teams to be involved with. It’s why I try to get involve in college clubs or sports teams, but I know it’s going to be a long road, and I may never get involve before I graduate from this college and move on to Graduate school. Though I try…………but I know it’s a long process for me.