Burned for my past

One thing that never amazes me is how so much bullying and intimidation that goes online. Recently I have been hit with bullying because of what i have done and said in the past. It’s been happening in twitter because some radical feminist are bullying me because of what I have done and said in the past. They seem to have a hatred for Nudism and body acceptance.  They seem to have a hard time trying to separate Nudism and pornography. They tried to say that Nudism is the same as porn and don’t understand the philosophy of Nudism. Which is why was being attacked on twitter just because I am a Nudist, and I am comfortable with the skin I am in. They now seem to be going for the past as a way to intimidate me into silence trying to run me out. It seems that their are some radical feminist who are not comfortable with Nudist, nudism and anyone who is comfortable with their own skin.

One of the most fortunate thing is that their were fellow nudist such as Jordan Blum who runs Young Naturist America and two other fellow nudist who came in and tried to explain to radical feminism what Nudism is. I wasn’t involved with the conversation, but I was mentioned in the conversation. Though I felt I was being attacked because I was associating with Radical feminist and that I’m a Nudist as well.  They were defending me because I was trying to explain to radical feminist what Nudism is and what Nudism is not. It just seems like, their are some radical feminist who think Nudism is pornography and don’t seem to see the non sexual side of Nudism.

The other thing Radical feminist tried to pull, was to accuse me of being something I was not. Their are some radical feminist who is accusing me of liking adult diapers when CLEARLY I do not like adult diapers. I never liked adult diapers, and I have never been involved with the fetish. It seems that their are some radical feminist who trying to shame me into silence and accused me of something that I had no liking or part of. It ticked me off, but I was not mad because they had no solid evidence, and they had no physical proof. Which is why I am Declaring that I have no liking or connection to this so called diaper fetish that these so called radical feminist claim.

In any case, as an Intersex/DSD person, I come to learn that,  Intersex people and the Intersex community are no friends or allies with Radical feminist and Transgender community. We’re our own community and doing our own thing. With friends and allies like trans and radical feminist, who really needs enemies anyway, when they are constantly going to war with each other. I now learned to stay far away from Radical feminist and transgender people. Focus more on Intersex/DSD people and people in the Nudist community. With friends and allies like those who backstab and double cross people. Why would I want to associate with them and why backstab and doublecross you, if you don’t toe the line. Which is what I got today from the radical feminist community on twitter, and it’s why I learned that I got burned from them, and I am keeping my distance from both the trans community and radical feminist community. I may watch them from a distance, but I will keep my distance from the radical feminist community and stay close with the nudist community and Intersex community.


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