College major switch

Today I switched my college major from something that is very stress such as Biology to something  less stressful such as History and social science with and a double Minor in Asian studies and biology minor. The reason for that switch was, that the Biology dept had a mentality of weeding people out and not helping and encouraging people to succeed.  At the same time for someone like me who’s looking at going to graduate Nurse practitioner school, the biology dept is too broad and not narrow focused for those who want to go to schools such as Pharmacy, Physical therapy, Nursing or medical school.

Which is why I switched to a major that is less stressful and would let me graduate earlier. It would allow me to graduate less than 2017 but give me enough room to prepare for graduate school exams such as GRE’s or MCAT‘s or even to make up some classes. The nice part is that I would be able to graduate in 2016 instead of 2017, but 2017 would be my deadline to graduate from college and get into Graduate school. Which is why a degree in History and social science will prepare me more for graduate school. Make me think more critically and a better scholar when I am in graduate Nursing school.

I’m happy that I switched from Biology as a major to a History and Social science major with a double Minor in Asian Studies and Biology Minor. It’s less stressful on me and in college one less worry to have. It saves my sanity and myself from having to be stressed out in biology.  When I graduate in 2016, it will say a Bachelors of Art in History and Social Science with a minor in Asian studies and Biology Minor. Which by then I will be glad I am done with the undergrad part and look forward into the professional schooling.