The Laotian community disconnect

This is an Interesting video about the Laotian American community and the disconnect between the old Lao and New Lao. It’s how the old Lao who had a hard time in trying to assimilate into the American Culture and trying to cling to the old Laos Culture back home. As a Lao American myself, I do experience this disconnect from the old Lao and being the new face of the Lao American community. My folks try to keep me in the old Lao, even though were in America with American Culture. It’s why I understand why the old Lao has a hard time in cultural assimilation with the American Culture. It’s why it’s tough for Lao American boys and girls to do things cause the Lao Culture has strict ridged gender rules on what girls and boys can do and it’s hard to break that in America.

It’s why as a Lao American who is Intersex/DSD, it’s extremely hard to fit into the Lao culture cause in the Lao culture, there is no room for Intersex/DSD people like me in the Lao American community. Sex and gender are so strict in the Lao American Community that the concept of Sex, gender, gender ID is very foreign to the Lao American community. It’s cause they were never introduced to the concept when they immigrated to America. That’s why they don’t know the concept of Sex, gender and Gender ID within the Lao American Community.