Intersex intimacy: Busting myths and finding love

Intersex intimacy: Busting myths and finding love –

As an Intersex/DSD person, this is very interesting because Dating and relationships are one of the huge hurdles that Intersex/DSD people have to face. Even as an Intersex/DSD person myself I have faced many obstacles to dating and relationships. That’s cause due to my Intersex/DSD condition, I look younger than my age. I have a micropenis and being able to reproduce is practically impossible. It’s why it’s hard as an Intersex/DSD person to find a relationship or a soul mate. Finding a girlfriend that can understand my Intersex condition and put up with all the baggage that I have, is a huge challenge I have to deal with.

For me, Dating and relationships is a huge challenge for me. It’s why as an Intersex person, it’s very difficult to find a meaning relationship and have a normal sex life. That’s why when most women see me, they think I look way younger than my age and when they find out what I have and I’m born with. It always ends any chance of moving from the friends only zone to a relationship zone. Which is why I can sympathize with other Intersex/DSD person in why it’s hard to find a meaningful relationship. I’m struggling myself and I can relate in the article as well.

That’s why for me, Dating and relationships is one of the biggest hurdles I have to face as an intersex/DSD person. That’s cause people don’t understand and don’t want to deal with someone who’s born with an Intersex condition. It’s why most times, most Intersex/DSD people end up being single and by themselves. Because Intersex people are often times, left out of the dating and relationship pool.