Facebook being a prick

One thing I don’t like about Facebook is that, they are being a prick and siding with the bully instead of the victim. Just recently I’ve been a victim of bullying on Facebook for a comment I said on another site that has Facebook connect on its comments section. It seems that Facebook doesn’t respect freedom of speech and seems to lock out anyone that disagrees with their leftist liberal leanings on topics such as LGBT issues. That’s why it seems that Facebook has targeted me cause I spoke a biological truth that penis is male and that men can never be a biological born woman. As a result, I’ve been targeted, harassed and had my Facebook account locked out on me.

One nice thing is that I’m not locked out of social media entirely. I have Google plus as a back up for when crap like this happens to me. Google plus has been my backup social media site and my Facebook back up. It’s why I firmly believe that Google plus has the potential to be the next Facebook. It only needs a few years to mature and grow up before it can take on Facebook head on.

That’s why since I’m locked out of Facebook for 12 hours. I can’t like or comment on Facebook. I am using my backup social media site to stay connected. Which I’m fortunate to have Google plus as my Facebook backup. That’s why I tell people to have a social media back up such as Google Plus or Tumblr. That’s why even though Facebook is my primary social media site, Google plus is also my Facebook back up as well.  It’s why when crap like this happens, it’s always good to have a social media back up as well. So for now, I am hoping and waiting after 12 or so hours that I am back on Facebook, if not, then Google plus will be my back up for Facebook until I am back on Facebook.