Tumblr’s wrong way in portraying Intersex people

One thing I seem to find so upsetting, is how Tumblr is portraying Intersex people. It seems to me that there are some people who are portraying intersex people in a sexual and porn way. Some of these people on Tumblr are trying to objectify and make intersex people as if they are a sex, sexual orientation or Gender Identity. Some of the stuff I see when I search Intersex on Tumblr is filled hentai porn and graphic sexual material that sexualizes and objectifies Intersex people. It pisses me off as an Intersex person when I see people on Tumblr who are sexualizing and objectifying intersex people. Here’s a prime example;



It just goes to show how hard it is for Intersex people to move forward when you have Trans people who are sexualizing and objectifying Intersex people in a sex and porn filled way. It’s why as an Intersex person, I am very frustrated when I see stuff like this online and how hard it is for me to fight this kind of crap. How can Intersex people jusify this when you have other people who are sexualizing them and objectifying them in a porn filled way. How can anyone justify Intersex people being sexualize in this way by the trans community.

It’s why I wonder, what is it going to take for people to wake up and realize that it’s wrong to sexualize and objectify Intersex people. Cause what they are doing is more harm and damage to the Intersex community. It’s also giving people the wrong impression on the Intersex community and giving people the wrong ideas on what Intersex people are. It’s why many Intersex people like myself try to distance ourselves from the porn filled trans community because of the crap like this.