Alternative Military service

As an Intersex/DSD person who is also a Member of the US Coast Guard and an Auxiliarist, I know there are forms of Military service out their for those who can’t meet the physical requirements for Active Duty, Reserve or National Guard. Many times people wonder what other options are available for those who want to serve in the US Military and give their part to the defense of America and the Nation. There are some who may have a disability, medical condition or physical/mental problem that may bar them from entering Active duty, Reserve or National guard.  I know that those who can’t meet the DoD‘s Physical and mental requirements have wide options for other forms of Military service such as the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, US Air Force Civil Air Patrol and the State Guard/State militias. Those organizations give people a chance to serve and give to the Community, Nation and the world

US Coast Guard Auxiliary

The US Coast Guard Auxiliary is one of the places that people for some reason who can’t get into Active Duty, reserve and National Guard have an option. The US Coast Guard Auxiliary is under the control of the US Coast Guard.  Being a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, you have wide options to give to the US Coast Guard Mission such as radio WatchStander, SAR/Patrol Boat Crew, Vessel examiner, Food Service, Medical, Foreign Language, Public Affairs, Aviation operations and even Marine Safety & Environmental protection. Being a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, you can work directly with the Active Duty and Reservist and even deploy on cutters such as the US Coast Guard cutter Barque eagle or any other US Coast Guard cutter. The US Coast Guard Auxiliary has no upper age limit or no physical requirements. The only requirement is to be 17 years old to join.

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US Air Force Civil Air Patrol

The Civil Air patrol is another option for those interested in serving their country and doing their part. The Civil Air patrol is managed by the US Air force. Much like the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, the Civil Air patrol has their functions and roles such as  emergency services, which includes search and rescue (by air and ground) and disaster relief operations; aerospace education for youth and the general public; and cadet programs for teenage youth.  The Civil Air patrol for the most part is geared towards teenagers and adults who have an interest in Aerospace, Search and rescue and Disaster response.  Though most of the missions is run by adults.


State Guard/State Militia

The other option for Military service is your state’s State guard or State Militia unit. If you live in states such as New York, Maryland, Virgina, Texas or California. They have a standing State Guard or State Militia units that are solely run and managed by the state. The  offer support to the state in a form of Disaster response, Medical units, communication  units and Search and Rescue Units. The State Guard and State Militia units are state entities that are managed at the state level and have no overseas deployment.  They drill and train just like their federal National Guard units but are separate from the federally recognized National Guard Units.

As you can see, all those three options can give people who for whatever reason can’t join the Active, Reserve or National Guard, an alternative option to give to the country and their community. Most do not have a Physical/medical need to join and most let you find someway to give to your local community up to your country. As someone who has an Intersex medical condition, I give my part for the US Coast Guard as an Auxiliarist and a member of the Auxiliary. I don’t let my medical condition hinder me and I do my part to help the US Coast Guard in any way possible as an Auxiliarist.

So I urge anyone who wants to give to the defense of America, look into these fine organizations to help give from your local community level to your Nation.