‘Women Complicate Things’ for Naked Yoga in Boston.

‘Women Complicate Things’ for Naked Yoga in Boston..

This is so wrong on so many levels. The Boston Mass Men’s Naked Yoga group is clearly showing their sexism, discrimination and double standards. For them to call themselves a Nudist and discriminate against a woman and saying that “women “complicate” things”, is such a load of BULLSHIT. I think the Boston Mass Nude yoga Men are misogynist because they don’t want a woman doing Nude yoga with them. For them to call them a Nude or nudist group is so wrong, they should have their nudist card revoked and yanked from them until they come clean and learn the true meaning of Nudism and it’s core values. It’s clear that they have angered many nudist on this issue and these men from Boston have pissed off many Nudist who practice Nude Yoga.