The Racism of the Elliot Rodger Tragedy

In the aftermath of the Southern Cal Rampage, it started to devolve into a discussion of sexism, misogyny and a fight between Feminist & Men’s Rights. It seems that in this tragedy, curtain elements within the Feminist community have decided to make this Elliot Rodger Massacre into an argument about feminism and male entitlement. It boiled down to a twitter war between Men and women over the Hashtag #Yesallwomen and #Yesallpeople. It has become a rally cry and a point of heated discussion between Women’s rights and Men’s Rights.

What got lost in this argument that is the fact that 4 Minority men, 3 of which are Asian American that got stabbed to death by Elliot Rodgers. It seems to me that feminist, Mens Rights and society have conveniently ignored the 4  men and instead focused on the two White women. That to me smacks Racism as an Asian American and a Laotian America because society, media, feminist and Men’s Rights have ignored the 4 Minority men that died in this Rampage. They conveniently erased the 4 Minority men cause they were not White and female. So much of this tragedy has been focused on the two white women that died in this tragedy and the 4 Minority men that also died are erased and forgotten because of who they are and there race.

What’s pissing me off here is that everyone seems to be so narrow focused on the 2 women that died in this tragedy and not pay attention to the 4 men that also died in this tragedy. To me, that screams Racism and sexism because society can easily ignore the Minorities in the Tragedy, but since it’s 2 white women, their made the center of the News and you never hear about the 4 men as well. It also pisses me off is that everyone from radical feminist, feminist, mens rights and society is fighting over what Elliot Rodger wrote. You have Feminist, who are screaming misogyny, sexism and discrimination. Then you have Men’s Rights who are on the defensive and saying Elliot went insane.

What got lost in all this is that feminist have tried to make this a women’s issue, when it is a society issue because Ellliot Rodger not only had a hatred for women. He also had a Hatred for Men as well. He hated women and men equally because he was not Popular like them. He hated women because women you not go for him and he also hated men for getting women that he wanted. What got lost is where you have crazy feminist who are screaming sexism, misogyny and blanketed labeling every man on earth as misogynist.  That in turn pissed off Men’s Rights groups because Men felt that women were accusing them of being Elliot Rodgers. What Feminist failed to see in this argument is that more men died in this tragedy than women

What pissed me off is the amount Racism that is happening between feminist and Mens Rights. It pissed me off because the 4 men that got stabbed by Elliot Rodgers were being erased and ignored because they were not White and Female.  It made me mad because as an Asian American and Laotian American, my race is ignored in this tragedy because the Victims were not White and Female.  In the twitterspehere the plight of the 4 men that also died is being lost over the two women that also died. It seems that the White women in this tragedy are more important in society that the Minority Men. If the Races were reversed and it was a Black person, you’d know that Rev Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be all over this story in a heart beat. Instead, it’s being glossed over because the 4 that died are male and Minority.

What this shows is that Feminism and society still have a race problem when it comes to tragedies like this that involves minorities. Minorities get ignored in tragedies like this and white people get raised. It’s why in the Media, you hardly ever hear the stories of the 4 Men that died in this tragedy, but instead it’s all about the 2 white women and the plight of women in society. It just shows that Minorities are easily ignored and forgotten in tragedies like this and as a Minority, I’m not going to forget the 4 minority men in this Tragedy that Feminist, MRA and society have done.