Truecrypt problems

TrueCrypt beim erstellen eines verschlüsselten...
TrueCrypt beim erstellen eines verschlüsselten Datenträgers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those who use Truecrypt like I do, you may have heard on the News about the problems going on with Truecrypt. Truecrypt is where I encrypt my most sensitive documents from hackers and prying eyes. I have used Truecrypt ever since it came out and have used it to keep my most sensitive documents a secret from people. It’s been my go to whole file encryption and a place where I can store my most sensitive documents. I have even recommended Truecrypt to everyone and anyone.

Truecrypt for some reason has shut down over concerns of a back door or a bug that has been reported online. Which is why there are concerns about the updated Truecrypt 7.2 which everyone is now warning do not install or update. There have been reports online that Truecrypt may have been hacked or some government has forced them to shut down. The reports and chatter have been on going online and in social media without any confirmation from any technology news sites. Which is why Truecrypt is trying to tell people to use BitLocker until they resolve the issue. Even though reports online have said that Truecrypt 7.1a seems to be okay and not affected.

It’s why in my opinion until there is concrete confirmation that the Truecrypt problem has been solved. DO NOT download and install Truecrypt 7.2. The older versions such as Truecrypt 7.1a and it’s earlier versions are still reliable and has not been affected by this problem. I recommend blacklisting Truecrypt 7.2 until the issue is resolved and for Linux and MAC uses, seek alternative and open source versions of Truecrypt. For those who insist on using Truecrypt, do not use the Truecrypt 7.2. Instead use the earlier version such as TrueCrypt 7.1a or its earlier versions.

Here are the links to Truecrypt 7.1a

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