Stalked on Twitter

Today, I woke up to someone one on twitter who is impersonating me. It seems that some psycho nut job, possibly a penis bearing male tranny or some jealous psycho who is stalking, harassing and now impersonating me on twitter as well. It seems to me that online, you can’t speak your own opinion without being attacked, harassed, stalked and intimidated into silence.  What’s happening is that someone online is trying to harass me, bully me and intimidate me into silence. All because they don’t like my opinions, views and beliefs. Which is why being online has become very dangerous because all these psycho nut jobs are constantly harassing, hounding and bullying people for who they are, what they are, their views and beliefs.

It’s why those who tried to stalk, harass, bully and intimidate, me know I will NOT back down. I don’t back down from anything. People who think I can be silenced are sadly mistaken cause I Never back down.  I don’t quit or give up that easily and they think harassing me, stalking me or impersonating is gona scare me, they are sadly mistaken. I don’t take those things very lightly and I see any form of harassing, stalking, bullying or impersonating as a threat to myself, my family and my safety. Which is why if anyone tries to get me, I know I am well Armed and well protected.

Which is why I had to change my twitter name to distance myself from these stalkers, harassers and bullies. In this case, it happens to be the porny Male trans with a penis who seems to have an ich to harass, stalk, bully and intimidate a deaf, Intersex person. In case they don’t know, harassing a person with a disability is a Felony in my state, which at any time I can report it to the Police dept and show them the screencaps of all the things posted online.

So if anyone get’s a follow from someone who looks like me but isn’t me, always investigate it before following them. It could be a spammer or someone impersonating me online.  Also, look at their tweets and ask, is this what I would normally tweet online. Most of my twitter followers know I would never post or tweet in a weird way. If they are a spammer or impersonator, please block them, and report them to twitter for spamming and impersonating. Most of these people who are impersonating me are whacked out trannies with a penis and a dress. They are harassing me because I know they are Men with a penis and a dress and as an Intersex person, I won’t play along with their fetish and delusions.

That’s why I always check who’s following me before I decide to follow them back. If they are a known stalker, harasser and a bully. Then I block them and report them as SPAM. I have a ZERO-Tolerance for stalking, harassing, bullying and intimidating and won’t think twice of reporting it to the police dept, which I have friends in Law Enforcement, which i can go to


I have changed my twitter name and will not be tweeting from any other tweets other than @kamodokhamhou. All others I will assume to be impersonators, stalkers & bullies, whom I will report to twitter & to the State Police as well.