TiKL App review

If you remember the old days of Nextel and the ability to direct connect to people like a walkie talkie. Now there is an App for your Iphone and Android that can do the Nextel Direct connect and it’s called TiKL App. It’s an App that I have on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and I use it to Direct connect with my brothers or anyone in my network.  The app is easy to install and easy to use on any Iphone or Android. The App is a way to directly get a hold of someone without having to dial their phone number.  It can be used as a 2 way radio between users.

The TiKL App is ultimate push button Walkie Talki that most of us remember from the days of the Nextel phones and the 2 way radios. I use the app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 to stay in touch with family and friends. It’s a way for me to stay glued to my friends without having to dial out. When you use it, you use it like you would normally do with the Nextel Phones and direct connect to them.. The App works over Wifi and over Mobile networks and has used it over both Wifi and Mobile Networks. The app is easy to use, easy to install. It’s simple to run and if you have friends and family, you can recommend it to them as a way to direct connect to them.

In my opinion, I like the TiKL app as a way to bring back the nostalgia of the Nextel Direct connect and another way to use your smart phone as a two-way radio. It’s on my Android phone and I use the TiKL app as my two-way radio.  The App’s simply use, makes it one of my favorite apps and an app that people can get a hold of me directly. The App is available on the both Itunes and Google play. It’s an App that is free and one I would highly recommend for people as well.

TiKL link http://www.tiklapp.com/