Google+ review

Google Plus
Google Plus (Photo credit: ivanpw)

When people think of social media, the first thing that comes to mind is Myspace, Facebook and twitter. One of the least known and up and coming social media medium is Google plus. Google Plus is one of the least known social media sites that Google owns and least used because most of the world still uses Facebook and twitter. Being a Social media person, I am on most social media sites though privately, Google Plus is my only Public social media site. Google plus for me also acts as my backup for Twitter and Facebook, when there are problems and issues. Which is why I use Google plus as my only place to post publicly, while keeping my Facebook and twitter private from stalkers, harassers and cyberbullies.

If most of you don’t know, Google plus is Google’s version of Social media and trying to compete on the same level as Facebook and twitter. Google plus has features that rival Facebook and twitter such as Google Hangouts and Google communities. It’s connected to Google’s Youtube and Google docs. Google plus is an up and coming social media site that people are slowly seeing as either an alternative to Facebook or twitter. Even as an addition to Facebook and twitter as well. I use Google plus when I want to post publicly as well as privately. The nice part of Google plus is you can do your own live Hangout session and have an interactive chat session. Which is something that Facebook and twitter can’t do at the moment.

For me, Google+ easily integrates with my Gmail, Youtube and Google Hangouts. I also use Google plus to post things publicly and is my public front. I like using Google plus on top of my Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Foursquare and Pintrest. Which is why I use Google plus as my public Site and my back up for my other social media sites. It’s a social media site that is slowly becoming a rival to Facebook and twitter. Over time, Google Plus may one day overtake Facebook and twitter and be the next big thing in social media. As of now, it’s small at the moment and it’s good for me because it’s not as popular as Facebook and twitter but will slowly be the next big thing. It’s also great because I can have a public front to my social media life as well and keeping my Facebook and twitter private.

In my Opinion, Google plus is a great Social media site that is pretty much primed to be the next big thing and the up and coming social media site. It’s small at the moment, but that’s a good thing because you can build a base from and following as well. It’s also good as a back up for Facebook and twitter when they have issues and problems. It’s right now Male dominated but also a good time for companies to get in because that’s where you can reach your Male consumers as well. With Google itself, it build your reach and standing as well. It’s why I highly recommend anyone who has a Facebook and a Twitter, to also have a Google plus as a back up social media as well. I believe slowly more and more people will use Google plus to complement their Facebook, twitter and Instagram use as well. It’s why you’re seeing sites have a share button for Google plus as well. It’s why for me, I use Google plus as my public posting site and keeping my Facebook and twitter very much private and out of the prying eyes of stalkers, harassers and cyberbullies.

So for my Recommendation, I would jump on the Google plus bandwagon because it is primed to be the next social media site and a good back up social media site for Facebook and twitter. It’s why Google plus is my social media back up and my only place I can post publicly.