Twitter sucks at dealing with impersonator

I have been stressed out and pissed off that someone has the NERVE to impersonate me on twitter. The unknown user has stolen my pictures from either Instagram or flicker and made an account on twitter impersonating me and slandering me. I have reported the impersonator to twitter and twitter has not done a DAMN thing to remove the impersonator. I have even gone so far as to send my ID that was required by Twitter and Twitter has done Zip, nothing to remove the impersonator. The impersonator account is still up and still out their. Which I have tried to get it removed from twitter and as of this moment, Twitter has done Nothing to remove the Impersonator.

I suspect one of those impersonators is one of the known cyberbullies in the Trans community or that whacked out stalkers. It’s pissing the hell out of me that Twitter is not doing enough to Remove the impersonator account and not blocking them impersonator. The impersonator is slandering me, making false claims of i’m this or that. It’s wasting my time because I have to defend myself on twitter because of this fucked up impersonator. Right now, I am stressed out of my mind that I have to FIGHT this Twitter Impersonator account.

It seems to me Twitter is not doing a Damn thing to Remove this Impersonator and it’s taking its sweet time.  It seems that twitter is starting to SUCK because it fails to deal with impersonators, stalkers and cyberbullies. It seems that Twitter doesn’t give a DAMN and doesn’t care if people are being stalked, harassed and cyberbullied online. It’s why I don’t have  faith or trust in Twitter because it doesn’t remove the impersonator. It even doesn’t crack down on cyber bullies, harassers and stalkers. It’s why I maybe looking for alternatives to twitter to use because Twitter SUCKS at dealing with Impersonators and cyber bullies.

Since this impersonator posted where I live, I may have to start carrying a weapon to protect myself because some of these impersonators have threatened my life. I have had cyber bullies, stalkers and harassers who have threatened to harm me physically and have posted info stating that.  At this moment, I may have to personally defend myself until the impersonator is removed from twitter or is arrested by the police for Identity theft.

When I find out who the impersonator is, I’ll make sure he or she never uses a computer again and file charges against them with the police dept. I do have Powerful  friends in Law Enforcement whom I know very well that can go after them and make sure they never touch a computer ever again. Which I have told them and they are going after them and pressing charges on them.

Also to all my twitter followers, please block and report atKamododragoon as a spammer, stalker and bully. That impersonator stole my twitter name and have stolen my pictures from Flicker and Instagram.


I just got word from Twitter in an email this evening that they removed the Impersonator’s account and suspended them from twitter. That is a good thing and a load off my back and less stress to deal with. Twitter has redeemed themselves in my eyes.