Twitter FAILS to stop cyber bullies

Once again,Twitter does nothing to stop harassers and abusers. Twitter in my opinion is starting to suck because they do nothing to stop abusive users, cyberstalkers, cyber bullies and harassers. As I have said it many times, Twitter sucks at dealing with cyberstalkers, cyberbullies and cyber harassers.  They simply don’t know how to block abusive people from twitter. It’s why Twitter really sucks at dealing with abusive people. The Victims of cyber bullying, it’s hard to be social online when social media site fail to respond to cyberbullying and crack down on cyberbullying. It seems that Social media site FAIL miserably at dealing with this issue.

It’s why I have often advocated that Social media sites block abusive users based on IP address or computer MAC address. It would make it so HARD for abusers to attack people on social media and it would crack down on multiple spam accounts. At the same time, restrict accounts to one Email address or one IP address. It would protect people from cyberbullying and would make it tougher for people to abuse social medial sites.

It’s why I often advocated that bullying and harassing online should be a felony with Mandatory prison time of 4 years in prison and a mandatory bully registry/ probation with a 10 year ban on computer or electronic use. They should make laws mandating social media sites in America Report Cyber bullying to the State police or FBI. It’s why I had worked with my state legislator that my state makes Cyberbullying, cyberharassment and cyberstalking a felony and put Mandatory prison time for those convicted of  Cyberbullying, cyberharassment and cyberstalking. I often say, that Law Enforcement should actively Monitor Social media sites and crack down on abusive users.

It’s why Twitter sucks because their customer service is crappy and their so-called Help is full of crap. They do nothing to block abusive people online and do nothing to stop abusers from harassing people. They simply don’t do anything for the Victims and don’t even block abusive twitter handles or twitter addresses from being used. I am simply fed up with Twitter because Twitter does nothing to combat against this. The owners of Twitter suck because they don’t care about victims of Cyber bullying and don’t report abusive users to the police. I have many times complained to twitter on the abusive users and they have Done NOTHING to remove, block and ban the abusive impersonator from twitter. It’s why I don’t have faith in Twitter dealing with abusive users and I don’t have faith in twitter in dealing with these abusive users. It may end up taking Law Enforcement action and filing criminal charges to stop these abusive twitter stalkers, harassers and impersonators.

This is why I am seriously considering doing my own private social media network for only my very close Inner circles and only for my friends that I see and interact with . I have looked for a product that can let me have a Private social media network for my closest friends and my Inner circle. It’s something I am looking to branch into for close private social media for only my close inner circles.

Though for now, I am going to combat against this impersonator and when I find out who it is, I plan on pressing criminal charges and making sure they never, ever own a Computer again. I have friends in Law Enforcement that know what’s going on and are tracking down this impersonator and when they do find him or her, they are put criminal charges on them and haul them to court.