The Twitter Saga

The twitter saga, again. It seems that this abusive stalker keeps popping up again and again. Using different twitter handles but posting the same tweets again and again. I am fed up with this abusive impersonator and I have gone to the Police dept to file a criminal complaint against this abusive impersonator and they have begun investigating this abusive impersonator. They will file criminal charges against this twitter impersonator when they find out who it is and will make sure they never use a computer ever again. I have screen capped all the evidence including the names they have used on twitter to impersonate me and all the evidence is in the hands of the Police dept. Which I hope they go after them and pursue criminal charges against them. Which I will file charges to the fullest extent of the law. At the same time the Police do have a list of suspects they know and are looking at right now.

What these abusers don’t realize is that in my Home state, harassing a person with a disability is a Felony and when they find them, they can face Prison time. Also, criminal impersonation is a crime punishable from one to 20 years in prison.  Which some of these idiots don’t see that their actions do have consequence and will bring the full weight of the legal system on top of them. All I am doing is documenting their crimes, screen capping their impersonating tweets and reporting them to the police dept and the detective I am working with on this case. I have even reported it to the FBI Internet crime Complaint center.

Lesson in all this, be careful where you post. Keep your Social media accounts private. Also watermark your pictures so they make it very hard for users to use and steal from. Also learn to screen cap offender documents and report them immediately to the police and social media site.  Also start using secure means of communication such as PGP, enigmail and even use Private Social media services for a secure conversation with people. Also do not use the same name twice and randomized you name. Use a username generator to generate a random user name

Once again, twitter does Nothing to protect users from abusive users. The simply do not BAN them from twitter and simply do not block their IP address, Mac address or Email address. They simply do not  care about the victims of Cyber bullying and don’t do anything to protect them such as putting twitter verification for them and even making sure the user is never allowed to post anything again. It’s why I think Twitter Sucks at dealing with abusive people and doesn’t care about abusive people until someone is physically harmed by them. At the same time, they should Ban abusive users from the Internet and make Social media site mandated reporters to the Police or FBI.

I have also started looking at personal self-defense gear such as a Pepper ball gun that is used alot in county jails and prisons. I have friends in law enforcement that tell me this stuff works and can be a good alternative to lethal force. Even Dog the Bounty Hunter uses Pepper ball guns, which I believe that this is a preferred option for those who can’t get a pistol. Here’s an example in the video;

It’s why this Summer, I am looking to investing in a pepper ball gun for self-protection against people and those who would try to harm me. It’s why I am all for people for defending themselves and defending themselves against violent abusive people.

I have had it with abusive users on twitter and online. I have gone to the Police dept and have filed a criminal complaint against them. I plan to pursue criminal charges against them. I am fed up with abusive people online and they need to be thrown in prison and never ever be allowed to use the computer again.