The dating issues

This blog post, Got me thinking about why it’s getting harder and harder to have a date, girlfriend or a normal relationship. It made me wonder, is Feminism to blame for why it’s getting harder and harder for guys to have a normal dating and relationship life. I believe this has something to do with the fact that feminism has made dating and relationships very toxic to men and women as well. It struck me because as an Intersex person because dating, girlfriends and relationships are the last thing on my mind. It clearly struck a nerve in me because hit’s home about why I don’t have a girlfriend or a dating/relationship life.

This blog post I am talking about, was written by Matt Walsh and he was talking about how guys should MAN Up. One thing he didn’t factor in his post, is how feminism today is making women so strong that they seem to forget about the Men in society. Many times you see women sulking over about how they wish they had a man in their life, after years of building up a career and a life. The same can be said to men as well, who have built years of a career and a life of their own. One thing that Matt also forgot is how Feminism is making dating and relationships very toxic and a bear trap for men.

It seems to me that Feminism has made it hard for people to have a normal dating and relationship life, which leads into a sexless society, which will result in a dwindling population of couples and birth rates. One thing I believe that feminism is at fault for making dating and relationships so toxic is that they altered how men and women interact with each other. They made it so toxic that men are reduced to the friends zone and not in the relationship zone. They made it so hard that women are often times sulking over how they never had the chance to have a man in their life.

I think Matt Walsh hit it on both sides because he believes that both men and women are equally to blame for why dating and relationships are on the decline and why Single people are on the rise. In all honesty, I believe that feminist have contributed to making dating and relationships very toxic to both men and women. They made it so toxic that men are afraid to ask a woman out and made it where women are to feel they can do things without a man. The result is where you have men, being single for a long time and women sulking how they can never get a man in their life.

This is why it’s a wake up call for Men, women and society to realize that this kind mentality is not healthy. It’s going to lead society into a childless and sexless society, where the result will be a population of people getting married late into their 40’s and having kids far later in life. I also think society has lost the art and skill of dating, courtship and relationships.

Matt Walsh’s blog post is interesting and it’s worth reading, so here’s the link: