Introduction to my public twitter

Now after the fiasco with people attacking me on twitter, I’ve now decided to make a public twitter handle that will do double as my blog’s twitter page and my public twitter page. I’ll still have my private more personal twitter and that is only for those who ask to follow me and are allowed to follow me after a background check. My public one is for content I post from my blog and what I retweet and favorite.

So here’s my public side of my twitter handle for those who want to follow what I post from my blog as well. @KhamhouDet and here is what my first back up tweet/public tweet

On top of that, all my pictures online will now be watermarked. That way it will prevent people from stealing my pictures and will have a watermark that will make it extremely difficult to remove as well. I had to do these things because, I still want to stay private, but public in some cases as well.  At the same time keep curtain conversations private on twitter and away from prying eyes, hackers and cyber bullies.

So now, I have two ways that people can follow me on twitter, the more private and locked twitter that is only reserved for those who are allowed to follow me. While having a more public twitter that also pulls double duty being my blog’s twitter handle as well. This as a result increases my social media skills and the ability to create social media content and be more marketable.