Social inclusion,Why it matters

One thing I learn about volunteering or being apart of anything is that inclusion is one of the hardest things to do, when you have a disability and are being ignored. You never feel like your part of something or included. You always feel like an outsider and someone in the shadows. It’s why for me, I hardly ever get involve or do any type of volunteer work because I never feel like I’m part of something or included. It’s like your thrown to the side and left to wither away. It’s the reality I see and face when it comes to being included with any social or community organization. It’s what I see in my current organization I am volunteering with, but I am not going to name them.

I know for a fact I never done anything or achieved anything other than just being part of something. It’s a shame that with the kind of skill sets I have such as social media, EMT and web development, that any other volunteer organization would love to have me and use the kind of social media skills that I have. Most volunteer organizations I have been part of in the past, I have never doing anything that was worth contributing. It was nothing more than a warm body that they needed. It’s sad that most volunteer organizations that I have been part of in the past and part of now, are being excluding and lacking diversity in their organizations.

It’s why I don’t volunteer for any organization that isn’t diverse or inclusive. I’ve largely gave up in volunteering in any organization because the lack of inclusion and diversity in any organization. At the same time I stopped volunteering because I never get anything out of it and never feel like I am being included or accomplished anything. The sad fact is that social inclusion is a huge issue for me because of the kind of disability that I have. It’s why when your not socially included, your made to feel as if your being left out and not part of something.

One thing I always say is that Volunteer organizations need to work hard on being diverse and be more inclusive of those from diverse backgrounds. A lot of organizations that I have been with in the past and present are not as diverse as they claim to be and not very inclusive from diverse backgrounds. It makes it very hard for any organization to exist when they are not inclusive and diverse. It’s something I see that is sorely lacking in the Volunteer organization I am now in. It’s why I sometimes have given up trying to do things or being included in these organizations when I hardly ever got involved or doing something.

Then it makes you wonder I am ever socially included or socially involved when I hardly ever in the first place.