Dude, where the hell did my Summer go

It seemed like months ago in May 9th, I was packing my gear and getting ready to go home for the summer. I turn around it’s the end of June and the 4th of July weekend. Then I turn around again and it’s the 1st week of August. It seems like Summer just went way too fast for me and I never really had time to enjoy Summer. It’s like now were into August and I am getting ready to get back to college and back into my dorm. It’s like my summer went way too fast for me and I  never had any time to enjoy my summer.

Sadly this summer was the summer I could not afford economically. I couldn’t afford to travel this summer because of the sky high gas cost and sky high cost of travel. Even economically, it was tough on me this summer as well. I wanted to travel this summer, but due to be the economy and the high cost of traveling, made it impossible for me to travel this summer. So this summer, I missed out on many chances to travel and many chances to vacation. I missed many chances to go skinny dipping and Nude camping this summer. I missed out on that cause of the sky high cost and travel cost associated with going skinny dipping and Nude camping.  Which is why this summer, I never really had a summer.

So now, since August is here, the only thing I look forward to is heading back to my college campus. Getting my classes out of the way and into a normal routine for me. Even getting into the rhythm of classes, labs, tutors and homework. Now for me, my summer normally begins in May and ends in July. August for me, now is when my college year starts and when I am in that college mode. I’m just simply getting ready to go back to the dorm and getting ready for classes. I’m hoping to finish my 1st  part of my senior year and finish my minors. At the same time, plan for Graduate Nursing school and Graduate Physician Assistant school.

One thing I do look forward to is getting back into my dorm and having my own independences and being myself. That’s cause at home, it’s hard to be myself and to have that individuality. Whereas on campus and in my dorm, I get to have that independence, Individuality and  my own personality. I get to be me and be myself without the pressures of conformity that is so common with Laotian American culture and Asian American Culture. Also in my dorm, I get to be totally nude and clothes free in my dorm. So it’s why I am glad when August roll’s around the corner and I can look forward to being back in the dorm and back on campus.