First week on campus

Well, First week on campus hasn’t been that bad. Have been sore a bit from moving back on campus and setting up all my gear. It’s been nothing but getting books for the semester and getting the syllabus for the class. First week is generally getting read for the 2nd week, when class really starts and all the pressures of Homework and handing in papers. One thing I’m glad that I’m back in the same dorm and I can stay clothes free when I want to.  My dorm is a gender neutral dorm and a clothes free dorm.  Which means for me, I can be nude when I don’t have to go to class or any other stuff.

The other thing is that being a senior this year means I have to finish college by 2016 and get on with Graduate school. being a senior comes with perks and I can register first before the freshman as well. I can get priority for all the classes I need and I have an easy schedule to work on. As far as my dorm, I am gona be working on building that up and making my dorm as homely and gender neutral as possible. I’m a try to make it as clothes free as possible. and make it where I can be nude when I can, clothed when necessary.

As for finding work on campus and off campus, I am gona be doing that and look for work. Though where I live the Economy is really bad and the job Market is really hard. Though I do hope by Thanksgiving, that I can find some decent work. Which I have been sending out resume after resume in hopes of landing something to help pay for college related expenses. Those college related expenses are really that expensive as well. Which is why finding work is a high priority for me as well.

So anyway, this semester my goals are to get socialized on campus, get good grades and a really decent GPA. Also find some work to help pay down the cost of college and those college related expenses as well. It’s gona be a busy fall semester for me and I’ll make some time to blog when ever I can as well.