My Day at Solair Nudist resort in Woodstock, Ct

Today I had an interesting day trip, I went out with a friend to Solair Nudist resort in Woodstock, Ct. It was very quiet place because the place was winding down and people were getting ready to head south for the winter. Even though, I finally got to see Solair Nudist resort, that was talked about in Nudist circles and finally set foot in Solair Nudist resort. So when I go there, it was still running and quiet because the Nudist season in New England is winding down and winter is approaching. So today was one of those days, I got the chance to be Nude and be outside nude. Even though it was cooler outside, I still was able to mange to be outside nude and swam nude.

When I go to Solair, I had to sign in the office, being that it was my first time in their Nudist resort and also being unaffiliated with any of the National Nudist resorts like AANR and TNS. Then I was given the tour of Solair by a man named Bob in a Yellow HAT. I got to see some of the Cabins and some of campgrounds that I may come up during the Summer and Camp out at. I even saw the Nudist Library, Community center, Nude beach, outdoor heated pool and the Hot tub. I like the tour very much because the place made you feel like home and a family. They even showed the gender neutral showers and bathroom, which I liked very much because being born Intersex, I hate using Men’s bathroom. Which is why I like the Nudist resorts because all the bathrooms are gender neutral and don’t have to worry.

After the tour, I immediately, got down and striped down to my skin, went for a cool dip in the pool and swam for a bit. It felt very warm and very nice, to feel free from the clothes. I was able to walk around completely nude and comfortable in my own skin.  The people at solair were very accepting of me regardless of my Intersex condition and my ambiguous genitalia being out in the open. The place made me feel very accepted as a person and I didn’t have to worry about fitting into the Male or Female Standard. I liked spending my time in the hot tub cause it was very warm and it relaxed all my muscles in my body. I was so relaxed naked in the hot tub and I got to meet many other nudists as well including women as well.

In my opinion, Solair is like a Minor leagues of Nudist resorts and is perfect for those who are well experienced in Nudism and have gone to smaller Nudist resorts like Juniper woods to get introduced to Nudism. I like Solair so much because it was in my own backyard and finally was able to make a Visit to Solair Nudist Resort. I was glad I was able to see Solair Nudist Resort and I was glad that I got my chance to be nude outside for the year. So if you want to visit Solair, it would be best to visit when it is very active and has a very vibrant scene. Though the place is very nice, Solair Nudist resort in Woodstock, Ct is highly recommended in my book and it’s one of the places to visit and try Nudism for yourself and in person.