ISIS fears Kurdish Women fighters

This is why the US should stop supporting Iraq and support the Kurds. At least with the Kurdish, they are standing up against ISIS and even have Women fighting along side the guys. It’s why ISIS is a scared of women because if they get shot by a woman, they believe that they won’t go to heaven and that’s a good thing. Which is why I am all for sending more women to the Frontlines and psychologically scare the crap out of ISIS


These Kurdish women who are fighting against ISIS, got my support because it takes Guts to stand up against Thugs that the ISIS are. If More Americans can see the struggles that these Kurdish Women are facing. I would bet ya, people would be flying in troops, weapons and Special ops teams to support these gals and help them destroy ISIS and sending them to Hell. It’s why if Kurdish women can fight in a war, then it’s high time we Americans allow women to Fight as well. By putting women on the frontlines, we can scare the crap out of ISIS and send them to Hell instead of heaven

These Kurdish women fighting this war against ISIS, I hope they send them straight to hell and every round these Kurdish women use on ISIS is worth it. These Kurdish women are showing that it’s not about fighting for some ideals or agenda. It’s fighting for their very survival and the survival of their Families, community and their Identity. It’s why these Kurdish women have a place in my book as the toughest armed women. These Kurdish women know what’s at stake in this war and it’s why the inept and incompetent US Military should be supporting the Kurds instead of the incompetent Iraqi’s. The Iraqi’s are so disorganized that we would have to come in and clean up their mess and rebuild them.