Intersex Awareness day

Since today is Intersex awareness day, let’s remind people how Intersex people like myself are often, ignored, erased and even hidden from society. Let’s not forget that the Intersex/DSD community itself has a racism issue, in that racial minorities who are Intersex/DSD are often ignored, erased and hidden from view. It’s why there are many racial minorities who are Intersex/DSD and hardly ever get their voices heard. Even for me, as an Asian American and a Laotian American who happens to be born Intersex/DSD with Kallmann’s Syndrome. I am often erased, hidden and ignored from Intersex/DSD organizations to even society in general. It’s why the Intersex/DSD community has largely a racism problem that they tend to ignore and don’t want to deal with.

One thing people don’t see in the Intersex/DSD community is that there is a huge lacking of diversity within the Intersex community.  There is no face of those who are African American, Hispanic and Asian’s who are born and diagnosed as Intersex people. The only faces you see are those who are white, European origin and born with an Intersex condition. It’s why the Intersex awareness day is such a farce in my opinion because it lacks any REAL diversity within the Intersex community and there are no Intersex/DSD people of color and racial minority that is represented.

It’s why I think this whole Intersex Awareness day is such a farce because there is no equal representation of those who have Intersex/DSD conditions and no racial diversity within the Intersex/DSD condition. It’s No dirty secret that the Intersex community as whole as a racism issue and something they choose to ignore, It’s why Minorities like myself who are Intersex/DSD are often forced to hide our intersex/DSD condition . Even hide it in our own racial communities because we have NO intersex organizations that can help racial minorities speak up on Intersex/DSD issues in our own community. It’s why as an Asian American and a Laotian American, who is Intersex/DSD. It’s often hard to talk about being Intersex/DSD because there is no one that can understand what it means to grow up Intersex/DSD in the Asian American and a Laotian American community. Even Intersex organizations like OII and Advocates for Informed choice are no help because they don’t want to deal with Minorities who are Intersex/DSD.

It’s why as an Asian American, a Laotian American and an Intersex/DSD person, I don’t rely on Intersex or LGBT orgs because they are never welcoming, inclusive and racially diverse. I instead have to deal with my Intersex/DSD issues alone and face the struggles of being an Asian American and a Laotian American, who is Intersex/DSD by myself.  Being born Intersex/DSD and having Kallmann’s Syndrome is hard enough. It’s even a lot worse in my own racial and ethnic community as well, with No support or help from the outside as well. It’s why when you see people online tweeting and saying they support Intersex Awareness day. Don’t forget about those racial minorities who are Intersex/DSD and don’t have a voice or aren’t able to speak up because the white most that are Intersex/DSD won’t let them speak up.

It’s why Intersex Awareness day don’t mean anything to me as an Intersex/DSD person because as an Asian American and a Laotian American who is Intersex/DSD with Kallmann’s syndrome. My voice never gets ‘s heard and my story is never told. It is silenced, hidden and ignored from within the Intersex/DSD community and by society. It’s why Intersex Awareness day is totally Meaningless and such a Farce cause it’s not diverse or Inclusive. It’s why as an Intersex/DSD person, I get nothing out of this cause no one hears stories from minorities who are Intersex/DSD.