The Facebook Bullshit

Once again, Facebook is messing with me again and locking me out, all because, they don’t like my name. On Facebook, I use the name Nick (Nicky) Khamhou Dethoudom that is on my US passport. Somehow Facebook locked me out of my account and I can not use Facebook. Facebook is now demanding that I produce a Drivers licence or a Passport. I have sent them what they wanted and I am still locked out of Facebook. Facebook is really pissing the hell out of me and really treating people like shit. I really don’t understand why the hell is Facebook messing the hell out of me and not unlocking me. Facebook is really being a bitch in my opinion and I am clearly getting sick and tired of Facebook’s bullshit drama. It seems like Facebook doesn’t care about its users and Facebook seems to be heading in the same direction that Myspace went and is in.

It’s no wonder why many Teenagers are migrating away from Facebook and I don’t blame them. Facebook is getting very old and dated. I think as more and more teenagers migrate to Facebook, people are going to see Facebook as another Myspace. Which is why many Teenagers today are dumping Facebook for sites like twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snap chat. I don’t blame them cause I think the Bullshit that Facebook is pulling on people is driving them away from facebook than to facebook. That’s why you’re seeing Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snap chat becoming more popular than Facebook. Even Google Plus is being marketed as the Facebook alternative, which I think if Google does it right, could go toe to toe and compete against Facebook. Even for me, I am looking at migrating away from Facebook cause it seems to be very dated and getting to the point of acting more like Myspace. I just think that it’s clearly time I look for a Private Social Media Network of my own. If anyone has any suggestion to what’s a good private social media Network, please drop me a line and let me know.

As of now, I am locked out of Facebook and can’t even get access to my Facebook. If anyone needs me, you can get me on Google Plus and even on Twitter. My Google Plus has always been my Facebook Backup and is my  back-up social media when crap like this happens to me on Facebook. Facebook now is acting more like myspace and treating people as if they are on Myspace. It’s why I hope that Facebook fades the same way as Myspace did cause if Teenagers are leaving Facebook for twitter, Instagram, Vine and Snap chat in droves. Then I hope Facebook fades like myspace because Facebook today is becoming the biggest JOKE with their crappy privacy and crappy rules.