Facebook Alternatives for those sick of Facebook crap

If your sick and tired of all the crap and bullshit that is going on with Facebook and watching every Teenager jumping and bailing out of Facebook for other Social media sites like Ello, Twitter, Instagram and Snap chat. Then there are plenty of options for those who are looking for alternatives to Facebook. I too am so sick and tired of Facebook putting so much demands on me such as making me change my name and forcing me to produce a valid government ID to prove who I am. The way they are treating users on facebook, it makes you wonder why people are bailing out of Facebook for other social media sites. This kind of crap that Facebook is pulling is the reason so many teenagers and people are flocking away from Facebook and looking to other social media sites that have privacy in mind. It’s why I have often predicted that Facebook will go the same way that Myspace went and will fade int irrelevance. I predict by 2020 or even 2030 that Facebook will be irrelevant and will fade the same way that happened to Myspace.

The surprising fact also, Teenagers today are bailing out of Facebook, once their parents and family got a hold on Facebook. Teenagers flocked out of Facebook and moving on to other social media sites. If Teenagers are leaving Facebook, then you know there is a clear sign that Facebook is starting to decline and head into the same fate that fell on Myspace as well. Teenagers are showing that Facebook isn’t cool anymore and doesn’t have the coolness that it once had. So it pretty much tells you that Facebook is declining and I think it’s starting to become irrelevant and fading the same way that happened to Myspace.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Facebook, you’re in luck because I am going to list my list of what I consider are true alternatives to Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook crap. These Social media sites in my view, if they do it right and pull it off right can not only rival Facebook, but kick Facebook off the mountain. So here are what I consider are the true alternatives to Facebook and if done properly, can Rival and even unseat Facebook as the true Social media Website.

Google Plus

Google plus in my opinion is a true social media website and true back up for Facebook. Google plus is very much integrated with all the services that Google owns and uses. If you have a Gmail account or Youtube account, You also have a Google plus account as well. Google plus is nice and very clean in it’s set up. Google plus has no problems in letting people use their birth name and their nickname as well. As oppose to Facebook, which has a problem and is a huge issue for people. On top of that Google plus, is very deep with Google search. Your Google plus Profile is very clean and well-defined as well. What Google plus has that Facebook tries to pull but will never be successful at it is Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts is one feature Facebook tries to imitate and duplicate, but falls flat on their face. Google plus is very successful with integrating Google Hangouts with Google Plus. It’s the one feature of Google plus, I really liked and I am fond of. It’s something Facebook lacks and will never be successful as Google plus. In my opinion, if Google plus does it right and can pull it off right,  It can pretty much become the next Social media site to Rival Facebook. On top of that Google plus also has to head the warnings and lessons of Myspace in order not to fall into the same trap that Myspace went. Sadly, I see Facebook heading down the same path that Myspace went  and is doomed to repeat in Facebook. Which is why I recommend Google plus as an alternative to Facebook and even use Google plus as a Facebook backup for when Facebook locks you out of the site for some crappy reason. Despite what people may say about Google plus being dead. I believe Google plus has potential to rival facebook, only if they learn the lessons of Myspace and not fall into the same trap that Myspace was in.


Twitter is another Social media site, I think is fast becoming the new Alternative to Facebook. With more Teenagers flocking to twitter than Facebook, twitter is fast becoming a social media powerhouse. Twitter is another social media site I am recommending as an alternative to Facebook because of its popularity and that almost everyone has a twitter handle. What I like about twitter is that their privacy settings are set up where you can let people who follow you, see your tweets and lock out those who are not following you. Twitter is very nice because I have two twitter names that are set up, one for myself, kept locked and Private. The other twitter name is set up for when I want to tweet things publicly and in the open. Which for me, I tweet more often than I do with Facebook. I like Twitter because people can tweet a lot and keep it in a 140 characters that is short and to the point. In my Opinion, Twitter is another Facebook alternative that people should seriously look at.


Instagram is another social media site, that I see a lot of Teenagers are flocking to. Instagram is fast becoming popular among the young, teenage crowd. If any indications out of this, is that Instagram is poised to rival Facebook and even go up against Facebook. I like Instagram because it’s a picture-based social media site and has excellent privacy settings.  Which I believe that Instagram has the potential to rival facebook, if they do it right. Instagram is fastly attracting teenagers and the young adults because they want more privacy and more controls in their social media that Facebook can never give them. Which I think Instagram is another Facebook Alternative I think people should look at as well


Snapchat is a new up and coming social media site that is picture based in the same way as Instagram.  What’s very different about Snapchat is the fact that you can chat and interact via taking pictures and those pictures are set to disappear within a certain amount of time. It’s the one feature that many teens and privacy-conscious people like about Snapchat. The ability to chat with pictures knowing that they will disappear within a certain time frame. Snapchat is poised to be the next facebook because so many young and teens are flocking to Snapchat because they like Snapchat’s privacy settings and the fact that they like chat more than post status updates that is so common with Facebook. On top of that it lets people interact more on the go.  Snapchat in my view is another Facebook rival in the making and is poised to make a run after Facebook.


Ello is a new social media site that is marketed as the Anti-Facebook. Ello is a very clean version of Facebook and people who are privacy-conscious, want a social media site that takes privacy very seriously. At the moment Ello is not set up for prime time and is only by invite for those who are already in on Ello. Myself, I am in on Ello and have my own Ello site. So far, I very much like Ello’s clean looks and Ello’s setup. Ello is very much in a prime position to take on Facebook and if Ello dose it correctly and pulls it off correctly, Ello can prime itself as the Next Facebook and even the new version of Facebook for 2020 and beyond. In my opinion, Ello is very much the Anti-Facebook and the next Facebook for the Next Generation. Ello has many things that would make Facebook and every social media site very envious such as excellent privacy setting and putting privacy on the forefront of their social media site. Ello is even privacy-conscious for those who are concerned about privacy issues. Ello for it’s most part is on an invite only and since I am on Ello, I can invite people and people would have to give me a good reason they want to be on Ello like me.

Now another realm of Social media that is making its self-known is called Private social media network. Private social media networks are designed to keep stuff private and for those in your inner circle.  This is why private social media sites are very private and only for the select few within their innermost circles can connect and interact with. Private social media is great for families that want a social media network within the family and keep it within the family as well.  Even for people who are security and privacy-conscious, Private social media networks offer a level of security and privacy that Facebook can never offer on their site. Not only that some Private social media networks even lets you have more controls, flexibility and privacy within your network. Here, I am going to list the recommended Private social media Networks that are worth looking into if you value privacy and security in your inner circle.


Path is one social media Network that I am recommending if you want to socialize privately within, Friends, Family and coworkers. Path is a social media network, that is simple, Ad-free and very much private. Path limits to your inner circle to 150 people. Path le’s your capture moments, control privacy, develop inner circles that allow you to go back to simpler times in social media. Path even allows you to share your moments privately and within your Inner circle. What I do like about Path is that I can keep things very private and within my innermost inner circle such as close friends and family. Path offers privacy controls that not even Facebook can offer. Path can even be shared on other social media sites. Path is one private social media site I am recommending Path if you want a private social media site for simpler times and want all that privacy and controls that a private social media network offers to people. Path is a true alternative to Facebook and social media sites.


Everyme is another private social media network set up for private conversations and private networks within the family, friends and circles. Everyme, is set up for private social media and for those close to you such as your family, friends and co workers. Everyme is a Private Social media network that I am recommending for anyone who wants a private social media network of their own. On top of Path, Everyme is very private and is an alternative to Facebook. It’s for those who want to keep it within their own network and want the level of privacy and security that Facebook can never offer to their users. It’s even for those who want a social media network to keep it within the family and from prying eyes. It’s why I like Everyme and Everyme is another private social media network that is worth looking and considering.

So as you can see, these are the list of Facebook alternatives out there that I think can rival Facebook and are very much worth looking at. They offer something that Facebook tried to do and never succeeded and is pretty much an alternative to Facebook and its crappy policy and Rules. If your sick and tired of Facebook, either locking you out or demanding to see your Government ID, then you have many options to go for Facebook alternatives that can pretty much rival Facebook and give Facebook a run for its money. If you’re like many teenagers who now think Facebook is uncool, you have many options for alternatives to Facebook. I think Facebook will become the next Myspace and will decline like Myspace in the next 5 to 10 years down the road.