Facebook’s Real Name Policy harms people

Recently, Facebook‘s Real Name policy has come under fire for unfairly targeting and discriminating against segments of the community. Even now, Facebook’s Real name policy has targeted me and I am being locked out of Facebook because they seem to think that my name is not Real or it’s Fake. Facebook is now under fire because it targeted Drag queens under their Real Name policy and now has targeted me as an Intersex person as well. I’ve become the latest target in Facebooks real Name policy because Facebook thinks Nick (Nicky) Khamhou Dethoudom Chaleunphone is a fake name. Which is why I am unfairly being targeted because of their Real Name policy.

I can’t log in to Facebook and connect with my friends and family. My friends and family on Facebook must be wondering what happened to me, since Facebook locked me out and I can’t log in. Facebook is demanding that I produce a Government ID such as a Drivers license or US passport. Jeopardizing my privacy rights and my right to use my real name. It’s why I can’t log on to Facebook because their Real Name Policy is making it hard for me and I can’t connect to friends and Family. If my friends and family on Facebook are wondering what happened, Facebook seems to be locking out people like me because they seem to be enforcing their crappy Real Name policy. They seem to think my name is fake, even when I show them my Passport and Drivers License.

It’s why I am all in an uproar over Facebook’s real name policy and they are unfairly targeting me for my Real name even though I had that name since birth. It’s why now I have a Hatred for Mark Zuckerberg and for his Facecrap because of their Real Name policy. Their Real Name policy is so flawed that it is rife with abuse and anyone can abuse the Real name policy and report anyone as being fake without a proper investigation or legal recourse. Instead the person like me is booted out of Facebook under the pretense that my name is fake, even though I can produce an ID card that shows my Real name. I have no recourse and no way to get my Facebook account back because Facebook so stupidly booted me because they think Nick (Nicky) Khamhou Dethoudom Chaleunphone is a Fake name when it’s a real name. It seems like Facebook can’t tell what a Real name is to a fake one.

Those who are trying to get a hold of me online, you can get a hold of me on Google+ & twitter because I now look at them more than Facebook because of their Real Name policy doing more harm to people like me and to drag queens as well. I hope that if Facebook get’s sued in court, I hope i can join a class action lawsuit because for Facebook to demand to see some form of Government ID amounts to nothing more an invasion of privacy and violating the privacy rights of the person. It’s why I am not very happy with Facebook and their Real Name Policy CRAP. It’s doing more harm than good and it’s harming people like me.