The Semester is finally over

Thank god, the Semester is over. This year was a year of struggling and hoping to stay afloat and at least into my Senior year. This was the year where I didn’t work cause I wanted for finish my college and start working towards graduate Nursing school or even to Paramedic school. So now I am hoping and praying that I did very well in all my classes and look forward to a very short 3 week vacation from school. It will go by so fast that by the time New Years rolls around the corner, I am heading back to the Dorm and getting ready for the Spring semester on campus. I am hoping that next semester that I can climb up and finally see the end of the tunnel towards graduate Nursing school or Paramedic school.

The other thing I am looking forward to during winter break, is plenty of sleep and time for myself. At the same time I have to fix all matters and issues that were at home and never had time to fix while in College. Also, I will have time when I am at home to finish my 4th poetry book and hope to have that done by spring break in March. At the same time over the break, I am working on my senior bucket list and post undergrad bucket list of the things I want done before I march into graduate Nursing school. The break will also give me time to spend time with the family and brothers, which is more important than anything.

Other than that, I hope I passed all my classes with a decent grade and I look forward to a strong push in the spring semester. I have thought about taking the classes in the winter session, but because they were very expensive and the time was very short. I am looking instead to take them during the summer. So at least I had fun this semester and did many things that including Yoga, which I liked. As far as Next semester, my main goal is to find an Internship or summer work to pay for school and my last year when I am scheduled to graduate in 2016.