Gender Bound | Judi Herring | TEDxJacksonville

It’s what it means to be born with an Intersex condition. I pretty much understand cause as an Intersex/DSD person with Kallmann’s Syndrome, I had to grow up with body shame and had to hide my Intersex/DSD. Even had to face a society that even denied my Intersex/DSD condition and Intersex/DSD status, even though I had the backing of Medical science and genetics. I still face oppression and repression because being born with an Intersex/DSD condition. When I say DSD, I mean Disorders of Sexual Development. Which is a newer term that encompasses the older Intersex conditions with newer ones that are discovered with the advances of medical science. It’s why for me as an Asian America, Lao American who is born with an Intersex/DSD condition. I have faced many forms of oppression and repression because society doesn’t think it’s possible in people like me. Which I ain’t afraid to speak up and be that lone voice for myself, my Intersex/DSD condition, for my race and ethnicity. I ain’t afraid to go it alone, cause I’m use to the fact that many people have tried to deny my Intersex/DSD condition but you know what I’m more resilient than them and I know that my doctors know I am Intersex/DSD and nothing can ever change that.