Connecticut ranks #10 in most moved from states in 2014

I can’t wait to get out of this state and I am already making plans to move out of Connecticut as soon as I graduate from college in this state. It ain’t no surprise that many people come to CT to get Educated and leave the state to start the lives and career elsewhere. Their ain’t no jobs for college grads and the cost of living is so high, college grads can’t afford to live or work here. Even the state’s tough gun laws are forcing me to move out of the state. That’s why this years High school/tech school/college graduating class of 2015 is most likely gona move out of Connecticut to find stable employment and JOBS.

WTNH Connecticut News

(WTNH) — According to a new study conducted by the moving industry, Connecticut ranks tenth in the nation for the most people moving out of state.

The annual national movers study, released Friday by United Van Lines, concluded that more residents were moving out of Connecticut than into Connecticut in 2014. The study tracks customers’ migration patterns from state-to-state during the course of the past year.

The study found that Oregon is the top moving destination of 2014, with 66 percent of moves to and from the state being inbound – that’s a nearly 5 percent increase of inbound moves compared to 2013. Arriving at No. 2 on the list was South Carolina (61 percent inbound), followed closely in third by its northern neighbor, North Carolina (61 percent).

Connecticut wasn’t the only Northeastern state on the list. The region continues to see residents flee with New Jersey, New York and Connecticut…

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