Fallacy of Leadership in any organization

So why I never get involve or lead, it’s simple because no one has Ever gave me a chance. In all my years of being involved in so many organizations, I have never had a chance to get involve or lead. I was simply a warm body and never given a chance to lead. That’s why I think the concept of leadership to be nothing more than a fallacy and giving people false impression that they will get to lead. Even being involve in an organization is not enough when all they want is warm bodies to add fluff for their so-called numbers. It’s why as I am getting older and older, I am questioning why is it worth it to be involved in any organization and why the hell I never get a chance to lead. Almost every organization I have been in, I never got a chance to lead and all I ever was, is a warm body to add to their numbers. It just seems like I never get anything out of any of the organizations I have been in whether on campus or in society and never got a chance to lead in the organizations I have been in.

In all the organizations I have ever been in, it just seems like a numbers game to them. They simply want warm bodies to add to their rolls and to make the organization feel like they are really growing. What it really happening is that alot of organizations I have been in, seem to keep having the same people doing the same thing. Nothing ever changes and nothing is ever new in the organization. Even when they get a new person, they never involve them and get them going. It always seems like they let them fend for themselves and the hierarchy seems to act more like a clique and a good ole boys club. It’s why for most organizations I have been in, they sell you the crap of being able to do this and do that. Then once you’re in, it’s more of your on your own and no one is their to help you get involved and included. It’s why I have stopped getting involved because what I see is getting pushed out and shoved into the corner mentality. This even happens in college as well, where I try to get involve on campus and end up getting pushed out. It’s why for me, I don’t get involve in any organization that isn’t inclusive and doesn’t Actively include people in all operations and planning. Organizations that are not inclusive or including are not worth my time.

Even the concept of leadership is a fallacy to me. That’s because organizations that have leadership training inflate and build up this mentality that when your done this training, you can lead. When in reality, Leadership training is just a false premise designed to trick people into thinking they will lead, but will never in practice. It’s why no matter what organization I have been in, I never been in a leadership position or an executive board position. All the Leadership positions that every organization has is more like the good ole boys club, where the same people are doing the same thing and no one NEW is changing things up. No one ever gives new people a chance to lead or show what they can do and it’s always the same people doing the same thing. The other fallacy I see with leadership is that too often, people cling to titles, ranks and labels.  Too many people in organizations place more emphasis on titles, Ranks and labels instead of doing the job together as an organization. That’s why you see  too many people in organizations who try so hard to lead or get into a leadership position, burn out and leave all together. It’s why I don’t believe in the concept of Leadership because it’s a fallacy or designed for curtain people who kiss up to curtain people, who get to lead. That’s why all my life, I never been a leader or in any leadership role in any organization that I touched.

My reality is that No matter what organization that is out their in society or on college campus. There is no REAL involvement, No real inclusion and no ACTIVE participation. It’s more of a you’re a warm body and a number for someone or some organization. Even in those organizations, their’s no such thing as real Leadership because almost all the organizations I have been on, is most likely a popularity contest or the good ole boys mentality. That’s why I am burned out because almost all the organizations I have touched, I never actively participated, included or even given a chance to lead. All the organizations I have been in, have treated me like a Number or a nobody. Most of the organizations I have been in are either the good ole boys club or the cliquesh mentality where if your not in a clique, you don’t get to do what you want mentality. That’s why for me, Leadership and organizations are useless because they are not inclusive, actively getting people to take part and not giving NEW people a chance to lead. Instead, your just a number and shoved into a corner. It’s why I stop getting involve entirely cause they are not worth anything to me and treat me like a nobody and not a somebody.  No organization that I have ever touched, ever treated me like a somebody and never gave me a chance to lead.