President Obama Announces Free Community College Plan

It’s a great idea that Obama is proposing that Community colleges are Free for Americans. I think he should extend it to 4 year public colleges as universities as well. I do like the GPA need of maintaining a GPA of 2.5 an above to have the government pay for it and going for free.  I think this would get more people into Community colleges in America and get people down the road to either a 2 year associates degree or down the road to a bachelors degree and even to a Masters degree.

I do like the idea and I’d like to see more of the details such as how is this gonna be financed and how are the states gonna carry out this. It is great that more and more people are looking towards community colleges as a way to start their college career and down a road to their bachelors and Masters degree. It is great that Obama is pushing more towards community colleges and getting more people into community college and ultimately into a 4 year college. I think Obama should be pushing for all colleges and even make it nation wide where the government will pay for your college education and give you a stipend, if you keep up a reasonable GPA.