Anti Technology college professors

One thing I hate about college classes, is those college professors who refuse to get with the times and get on the bandwagon of technology. So often I have college professors who hate students using laptops to type notes or even work on presentations in class. It makes me wonder why did the college ever hired them, when they hate technology so much. Pretty much, so many kids today are going to school with Chromebooks, Surface tablets and IPADS to school as well. You have kids in Middle school to High school who are using Chromebooks, surface tables and IPADS for all their class work. It seems like many college professors have not caught up with the times. I have seen many college professors who refuse to get with the times and makes me wonder why colleges are making students use technology when the college itself is not enforcing it on Faculty as well.

It’s why for me, who use technology alot from a laptop to a smart phone to take notes or take pictures on the board to help write notes. It boggles me why college professors are not caught up with the times and why they are always hassling students who use Tablets and Laptops in class. How the hell are we suppose to study when we can’t even use Technology in the classroom to help us learn and enhance the learning environment. You already have Middle school and High school’s using Chromebooks, Surface tablets and IPADS in the classroom.  Some professors even don’t know how to use a power point when or how to email. It shocks me that they are the ones who are teaching people who will enter the workforce in the future. Which boggles my mind and sometimes makes me think, how the hell did they get through without a laptop or a computer.

It’s why sooner or later, colleges will have to face students who are entering college with technology skills from using Tablets, Chromebooks and Laptops. Even so Colleges will have to either keep up with the times or get left behind. They need to integrate technology into the classroom and even mandate the use of Technology in the classroom. Your already seeing that in Middle school and High schools. I know by 2030, I will very well be mandated in Colleges as well. It will be a way to save cost and to cut down on the amount of paperwork as well. I even predict, by 2030, that all colleges will be laptop, tablet and Chromebook based education. Which all college classes will have Technology inbeded with the classroom. It’s why I am a strong advocate for technology in education and mandating the use of Technology in the classroom from Middle school to College.