Indoor naturism

the sl naturist

One thing we’ve not really covered before is indoor naturism or more accurately indoor nudity. Surprising, I think, as most of us will have practiced it in one form or another even if we never categorised ourselves as ‘naturist’.

We all bath or shower nude. We all pretty much stand naked in our bedrooms twice a day, for dressing and undressing purposes.


For many of us, our naturist journey perhaps begins with ‘home nudism’. Freed from the presence of others, living alone in our first student accommodation perhaps, most of us will adopt a much more relaxed attitude to the naked body, casually walking nude between bathroom and bedroom, between bedroom and kitchen. It’s here that we discover our own attitude to nudity, much more than on a beach or naturist club. Of course, there’s the heady scent of ‘sexuality’ to be added to the mix. tumblr_nhpyrdrygQ1u3wvo0o1_500

All of us…

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