Intersex dating: Finding love across the intersection

Intersex dating: Finding love across the intersection –

As an Intersex person, I pretty much can understand why dating and relationships are so hard. I know first hand as an Intersex person who has a hard time finding love and a relationship. Many people tend to shy away from those who don’t fit the Male or female mold and who don’t have the correct anatomy. It’s why for myself I have not dated at all because not many women would ever want to take a chance on an Intersex/DSD person. When they find out what kind of Anatomy that an Intersex/DSD person has, that’s when the prospects for dating and relationship ends right there. That’s why for me, dating and relationships are very foreign for me, even though I would like to find love and a relationship, but I know that my prospect for ever finding love and a relationship is slim to none.

Even what I have going is that I look younger than my age, no matter how old I get. Though the one thing that prospective partners can’t get past is the fact that I have Micropenis that is so small that it sometimes looks like an oversized clitoris. That’s why, my only sexual experience with women was with oral sex and that’s about it. It’s why every year on Feb 14, I simply call it Singles day because as an Intersex/DSD person I am still single and It would not shock me, if I am single into my 40’s & 50’s. I know that my prospects for dating and relationship are slim to none and it triples because I have an Intersex/DSD condition and finding love across the intersection is so hard for me.

That’s why Intersex/DSD people are mostly Single, though there are some who are married and are a in a relationship. Most are single because being born with an Intersex/DSD condition, makes finding love an extremely hard and difficult task. It’s why many intersex people like myself struggle to find love across the intersection and across the spectrum. Even for myself, I still struggle to find love and a relationship. It doesn’t help when I look younger than my age and I have a micropenis that is so small that it’s barely noticeable