Visit with the Nurse Practioner

Today was fun going from campus to home for doctors appointments. The first was visiting the dermatology for Photo therapy session. I have weekly Photo Therapy because I have vitiligo, which is a skin condition that cause skin pigmentation issues. Those weekly photo therapy trips are my only time I can get off campus to see the dermatology nurse and run back home to get what I need for the dorm as well.  Which often times I always look forward to getting off campus. It’s a way I can get dinner and one less meal I have to worry about.

The other one is visiting my Nurse practitioner who treats me for my Intersex / DSD condition and Kallmann’s syndrome. My Nurse practitioner is one of the coolest person. She understands my medical condition and takes the time to help learn more and learn how to cope and deal with being Intersex / DSD and having Kallmann’s syndrome. What’s nice is that she also list me as having an Intersex / DSD and labels me as such because of the new science that now says that Kallmann’s syndrome is listed as an Intersex / DSD condition.  On top of that, she doesn’t even class me as a biological woman or a man because naturally I can never meet the standards for biological man or woman.  She instead list me as gender neutral and biologically indeterminate gender because she knows I can never be a biological man or a woman. What’s nice about my Nurse practitioner is that, she knows that she will never give me estrogen because that would put my bone health at risk and that’s something she doesn’t want. So instead I take Testosterone to keep my bones healthy as long as they can and give me the male energy to make it through the day.

The one thing my Nurse Practitioner has taught me is that my genitals don’t define me. Even though I have a micropenis, ambiguous genitalia and some breast development. That still doesn’t make me male. She knows that she won’t force me into the male or female standard because with my genetic condition and physical make up. It would be medically impossible for that to happen. So instead she keeps me the way I am, let’s me be me and doesn’t force the Male and female mentality on me. Also she let’s me identify whatever I want and even allows me to be listed as one of the woman or man as well.

It’s why I like my Nurse practitioners because they understand you and help you cope with your condition or disease. It’s also why as a College student, I am looking at going to Nurse Practitioner school as well. I like how Nurse Practitioners advocate for there patients and are their for them instead of doctors, who are in and out. My Nurse practitioner helps me cope with being intersex / DSD, having Kallmann’s Syndrome and doesn’t even try to force either sex or gender ID on me. She let’s me be me and let’s me dictate how I want to be and identify as. So it’s nice to have Nurse practitioners who are their for you and take the time to understand you and your medical condition. My Nurse practitioner for one, treats me as one of the girls and let’s me be me, despite having Kallmann’s Syndrome and an Intersex /  DSD condition.