What an Irony

What an Irony, my old flotilla did have the dues after all. I sent in but they didn’t get the mail because of the delay and didn’t check the mailbox in time. So they dis enrolled me by their mistake because they got the dues, but never checked the mail. What happened was it arrived in their mailbox on Dec 4 2014 and they didn’t notice it until Dec 27 2014. By then, they sent paperwork to district in New York to disenroll me and now I am sitting with my dues and no AUX membership. Their mistake was that they didn’t keep track of the dues and they knew they had my dues and didn’t know about it until it was too late. They kept me in the dark and didn’t let me know they had my yearly dues in hand. So looks like the US Coast Guard Auxiliary made a huge mistake on their part and I got screwed for their mistake with no recourse. They didn’t offer to re enroll me because of their mistake and didn’t apologize for their mistake. I basically felt screwed over by them and I felt betrayed by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.