Planet Fitness revokes a Woman’s Gym Membership

Thanks to ET Williams, that Common sense has been thrown out the Window again. It seems that Planet Fitness has thrown out a Woman for complaining that a Transgender man has walked into a woman’s locker room with this dick showing. This goes to show how much we have lost our Minds with this kind of PC, liberal crap. It seems that Planet Fitness doesn’t care about the rights of women in the locker room. All they care about being a judgement free zone. I think Women should just boycott planet fitness if they have to deal with this crap. It just goes to show that Common Sense has lost its freaking mind.


This story has been blown all over the conservative news sites and even the Radical feminist blogs and twitter feed. Gallusmag, who runs GenderTrender has full details on this story and even in the comments section below, finds out that it’s nothing more than a dude in a dress, who is getting his fetish. Here’s the link;

Another one is that this story is like wildfire on a conservative website called the Dailycaller and conservatives are really pissed off that Planet Fitness is catering to Men in dresses and kicking out women who complain that their rights are being violated. Here’s the link to the story;