Nudist group discrimination

English: Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy N...
English: Swimming pool at the Monts de Bussy Naturist camp. Français : Piscine dans le camping naturiste des Monts de Bussy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing that irritates me is that how so many Nudist groups like to preach tolerance and acceptance. Then, when you disagree with them, they boot you and leave you out in the cold. I always thought the concept of Nudism is body acceptance and tolerance. Which to me, fast becoming a farce on it’s face because Many Nudist groups I have seen on Facebook don’t practice what they preach and don’t tolerate other people’s opinion. Which to me, makes me wonder what kind of Nudism are we suppose to have, when we can’t even tolerate other people having dissenting opinions.

Which is why as an Intersex / DSD person, deaf person and a Nudist, I don’t get involve with many established nudist groups because I feel that my voice is never heard and dissenting opinions are never allowed. At the same time, no many Nudist groups make themselves open and tolerant to people with different opinions and views. Even some nudist groups and Nudist resorts are not open to many people who are different, racially, ethnically and in terms of biological sex & gender. That’s why I tend to do things by myself because many nudist groups are not accommodating and understanding. They tend to push me out and push me off the cliff. Which in the end forces me to do my own thing and go to nude camping trips by myself and on my own, without any friends or buddies.

It dose piss me off when I feel that Nudist groups discriminate against me. Then they wonder why Nudism is graying and not getting any younger members involved. Instead, they push aside the younger nudist and special interest nudist groups. The sad part is that many Nudist groups who say they are tolerant, are in reality not that tolerant and are only tolerant on curtain things. That’s why I don’t join any Nudist clubs because Nudist clubs are not Tolerant, open and understanding. Instead, they act very exclusive and exclusionary than inclusive.

It’s why as an Intersex / DSD person, deaf person and a Nudist, I find it very hard to be involve with the Nudist community because they tend to not be inclusive towards those who are different from them or who have a disability. They make you feel like your not wanted or welcomed at all. So instead, they set themselves up to be exclusionary and not inclusive. Which makes me feel like I am not wanted or welcomed at all. It’s why I don’t get involve with any Nudist groups and if I wanted to go nude camping at a resort, I mostly go stag and by myself instead of with a friend. In reality, I don’t have many friends outside of the Internet, which I have gotten use to that. Pretty much doing things on my own and by myself. Which I learned to work alone.

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