Religious freedom under attack

What is happening in this country is that Religious freedom is under attack by the looney left and the LGBT community. With what is going on in Indiana lately, Religious freedom and the separation of church and state is under attack in this country. Many on the left have attacked the state Indiana for being backwards and not caving in to the looney left. What many in the left don’t seem to realize is that they do not have the Right to be free from Discrimination.

What they are trying to do is impose their tiny minority on to the majority. They are trying to tell religion that they do not have the right to discriminate. The problem with that is, since when did the LGBT & special interest groups have the right to impose their ideology or agenda on society. Last time I checked this is the United States of America and we do have Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. We also have a separation of Church and state in this country, which that the state has no right to interfere in religious matters,

What I find so funny in this country is that many of the Looney left, LGBT and every special interest group is boycotting the state of Indiana for giving the Religious groups the right to practice their faith and serve whomever they want. They resorted to boycotting the state and now companies are not doing business in the state of Indiana. Even the Left has gone so far that even states like Connecticut are banning their state workers from traveling to Indiana. What the state of Connecticut is doing amounts to what the communist would say and do to their people as well.

In my opinion, the far left liberals, LGBT and special interest groups have gone WAY, WAY, WAY too far in this country. They are shoving their agenda, ideology and lifestyle on to people. They are destroying America and weakening America to the point that the world is burning all around us. The Far left is so unhinged that they do not seem to know what reality is anymore. They seem to be so hell bent on wiping out the far right and trying to impose their leftist, liberal ideology on to people. The far left liberal, LGBT and every special interest group in America, represents a greater danger to Religious freedom, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press.

What I think is happening in America is that the far left liberals, LGBT and every special interest groups are trying to wipe out freedom of Religion, freedom of the press and Freedom of speech because in their whacked out mind. They think those ideas goes against what they believe in and do not understand the concept of reality and Democracy. The far left thinks they are tolerant of people but the way they are showing in Indiana, they are the far left intolerant liberals.  They can claim to be very tolerant, but the way they are showing in protest, online, in the news and in social media. It is very clear that the far left liberals are very much intolerant towards religion, free speech and free press.

It is why, with what is happening in Indiana and people and businesses are boycotting the state. I am now calling for people to counter boycott and boycott all the companies, businesses and states that are boycotting Indiana. Do not do business with companies that do not allow religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Avoid places that do not allow individuality and free will. Avoid places and businesses that do not allow for religious freedom and that do not impose their ideology onto people. Companies that do that do not deserve my business or my dollars.

What many people do not realize is that my family escaped a communist country and came to America for their religious freedom and live the American dream. I never thought that this country would swing to the far left and impose its leftist, liberal ideology. What the far leftist liberals, LGBT and every special interest group is trying to do, reminds me a lot of the communist that tried to impose their will on people. Even the communist is forcing them into reeducation camps to force their will on to people. It is why, what the far leftist liberals, LGBT and every special interest group is doing, reminds me a lot of what the communist were doing in Asia, China and Russia.