Taste of home: Lao food faves

When It comes to Lao food, that sure can bring me HOME really fast.

Little Laos on the Prairie

Since moving to Fort Worth, TX nearly two years ago, I have become more and more interested in cooking. It started off as way of passing time while adjusting to living in another city, but now has become a way to share a little bit about myself and my culture. I have always loved food. I will pretty much eat everything at least once, and have been blessed to have lived in diverse areas so that I have been able to try new foods all the time. When I cook, however, I tend to lean towards certain foods like spring rolls, different types of wraps, and noodle salads. The more I thought about it, I craved these foods of course for their taste, but also because they remind me of a time and place that has special meaning to me. Most importantly, they make me feel at home.

For this article, I…

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