Intersex/DSD POV on the Bruce Jenner crap

My Opinion on this Bruce Jenner crap is that is Bruce Jenner is a Man and not a Woman. He will never be a biological woman no matter how much surgeries or hormones he pumps into his body. He will always be a dude with XY DNA. I have seen many people who tried to make him their poster child for the transgender community, but in reality, people forgot that Bruce Jenner is a killer and he killed a woman in a car accident. Which is why I do not see Bruce Jenner as a Trans, he is more like an effeminate GAY man or a Man who failed the Midlife stage in his life

As an Intersex/DSD person, I do not care what goes on in the Transgender community and none of what they do affects me. In fact, I am often amazed and shocked when I see many of the PC liberals, Obama liberals and LGBT people argue with other people and drag Intersex people into their arguments to justify their stance or ideology. At the expense of Intersex/DSD people who have nothing to do with the Transgender community. However, these PC liberals, Obama liberals and LGBT people love to drag Intersex/DSD people into the argument. Which in their deluded mind they think the existence of Intersex/DSD people helps them justify their political correct arguments to people. When in reality, they are shooting themselves in the foot because they forget that Biology & science dose matter to Intersex people like myself.

Even for me as an Intersex/DSD person, one thing that I am shocked is how often the Intersex/DSD community is ignored in society and in the media. When you have stories like this Bruce Jenner crap coming out on National TV. Intersex/DSD people often are buried, erased out of existence and frankly ignored by the liberal media and the PC liberals, Obama liberals and LGBT people. It shocks me how often the Media dose stories on Intersex/DSD people, which is very little to none at all. When a celebrity who either comes out of the closet as Gay or Trans, the PC liberals, Obama liberals, LGBT people and the Liberal media are all over the story like no tomorrow. It just goes to show how much double standard that exist in society and much Intersex/DSD people are often ignored, hidden and erased from society.

What is even sadder is that with stories like Bruce Jenner being blasted on the National media. Intersex/DSD people are often times being ignored and Intersex/DSD people’s voices are not being heard. I simply think that the PC liberals and the liberal media do not want to hear stories from the Intersex/DSD community because to them it is not hip, trendy or cool to them.

It is why as an Intersex/DSD person I do not give a crap about the Bruce Jenner story because that has no bearing and impact on me or the Intersex community. I do not care if my story or even for that matter, any other Biological born Intersex/DSD person’s story is told. I simply think that the Bruce Jenner story is a pile of crap and so useless reporting by the liberal media,