Why other Intersex people are never noticed in society

Have you ever wonder why other so-called intersex people are making a huge name online and in the media? Wonder why you only hear about their so-called Intersex condition and not about the many other people who have the same or similar Intersex/DSD condition? I have wondered to and wondered why the media and online and not other Intersex people and their Intersex condition are recognizing them. I have wonder why so often when I look at what is going on in the Intersex/DSD community, all I see is the same people being peddled around online and in the Media. All I see is people are talking about them and them only. Even in the LGBT community, I have seen it be all about them, and not other Intersex/DSD people as well. It just makes me wonder why people, the media and online only hear about them and not about the many other Intersex/DSD people such as other and myself people who have Intersex/DSD conditions.

I have a theory why Intersex/DSD people like myself and others who are not being heard is because if you do not play along with the LGBT or Transgender ideology. You are shoved out in the cold, silenced and never heard from. It seems like today, Intersex people are often told that if you do not play along with LGBT or transgender politics, your intersex story is never going to be heard or talked about online, in the media and in society. Many times, many Intersex people are silenced and run out for being gender critical and speaking out against the LGBT and transgender politics. It is a price they pay for speaking up and not having their intersex story being told. It is why in many cases, Intersex people are often kept quiet from speaking up and telling their story. The LGBT and Transgender community has a strangle hold on the Intersex community and have silenced and ran out those with dissenting views and opinions.

Many Intersex people like myself would like to have our story told and tell people about our Intersex history. In many cases we don’t get the chance because the LGBT and Transgender activist have constantly silenced and run out any intersex person who doesn’t play along with the LGBT or Transgender mind games. It is why you do not hear anything about someone who has Kallmann’s syndrome, Turners Syndrome, Androgen insensitivity syndrome or even Klinefeltners syndrome. Instead, you hear those who claim to be intersex and claim to have an Intersex condition without being tested, verified and diagnosed by a medical doctor.

What you see online today, are those who claim to be Intersex and claim to have a medical condition and even claim to have a wild, outlandish medical condition that sometimes have the look of science fiction rather than scientific fact.  Even when you see their pictures, they do not look like the typical intersex person. The worse is when you have some transgender person who claims to be intersex and is trying to use the Intersex claim to justify their transsexualism at the expense of real intersex people. It is liken to them trying to claim HIV/AIDS without being tested and diagnosed for it.

The fact is, real intersex/DSD people like myself are often ignored, hidden and erased by the LGBT community because we do not cave into LGBT politics. Intersex people like myself who are gender critical of LGBT politics and as a result, our stories and our histories are never heard from. Which is a big huge loss for the Intersex community and for society if we do not document and hear from all those who are diagnosed and medically documented as an Intersex/DSD person regardless of politics or views. We will miss what they had to go through in dealing with their Intersex/DSD condition.

What people need to know is that there are other Intersex/DSD people with similar stories and they do not need to rehash the same old story from the same old organization. They need to look for other Intersex people and other people who have different Intersex condition. They need to keep an open mind and simply document what Intersex/DSD people have been through. They are out there and their stories are worth documenting and listening to.