My Opinion on this Cisgender word

I have notice how this generation is using the cisgender crap. It is like try are trying to say male without offending people. When in reality it is offending people and Biology. Every time I hear the cisgender crap being thrown around online and in society, I sometimes want to puke because it is disrespecting biology and science. I am not a huge fan of the cisgender concept and never will be.

What I think about Cisgender concept is that it is nothing more than a slur that is a Trans/genderqueer made up word. The word is designed to slut shame and guilt trip people into playing along with the trans and genderqueer community. It also erases biological sex and physical sex because they are very important to human reproduction and Human Biology. We exist on this planet because of Biology and science. Without it, we would not be on this planet at all. What cisgender is trying to do is erase and reduces biological sex to a gender identity rather than a reproductive sex. Cisgender in my opinion is a JOKE, a slur and a made up word that is meaningless. Those who use cisgender are plain dumb, stupid and erasing not only their biological sex, but also their physical sex as well. They are also pandering and playing along with the mentally delusional transgender community.

As an Intersex person, I find cisgender to be very offensive in the Intersex/DSD community. It is very offensive for anyone to throw the cisgender crap at Intersex/DSD people because Intersex/DSD people never had a biological & physical sex to begin with. I have started to notice in the Intersex/DSD community how many people are using the cisgender bullshit. It is not only very demeaning towards intersex people but it is also erasing their biological history and their medical condition as well. In my view, Cisgender has NO place in the intersex community and should not be allowed to exist in the Intersex community.

Therefore, for me, I am NOT a huge fan of the Cisgender crap because it erases biology and physical sex. It is a slur that Trans and genderqueer people use on normal people. It is very offensive towards Intersex people and it erases Intersex people and their medical condition. It also erases human reproduction, human biology and human physiology, which is very important to the human species on this planet. Those who use the cisgender word are not only fooling themselves, but everyone they meet and encounter. They are really making themselves the butt of all jokes and No one in society with a common sense and a decent brain will ever use the Cisgender crap. It is why for me, I do not like the cisgender word and I think it is full of crap that should never be allowed in a normal society.