Calling Bruce Jenner a Hero is an insult to the Real Hero’s out their.

Lately online, I have been bombarded with pictures of the freak Bruce Jenner on the cover of Vanity fair. It seems like these days, stupid people are calling Bruce Jenner courageous and a hero without realizing that He is still a man with a fetish and a mental illness. People seem to think he is a hero, when in reality he is not a Hero and is not courageous. He is a sick dude and an attention-seeking whore. It makes me sick to my stomach, when people are calling Bruce Jenner a hero, when there are real heroes such as those who are fighting and dying for our country on the battlefields of Afghanistan and those who are fighting off deadly cancers and diseases that can literally put them in the grave.

What I find so disturbing that many people are coming out calling Bruce Jenner a Hero and courageous. There is nothing courageous about chopping ones dick off and putting on a dress. He is still a man with XY DNA and he can have all the surgeries and faux hormones but when it comes to biology and reality, Bruce Jenner will still be a MAN and will always be a MAN. He is nothing more than a sick, perverted man with a fetish and a mental illness. It seems like society these days are celebrating this sick man’s mental illness instead of getting him psychiatric help he needs. At what point in society, will we hit the Peak trans moment and say enough is enough with this pandering and calling Bruce Jenner a she, when in reality he’s a dude with a mental illness.

If people want to know what a true real hero is, it is not Bruce Jenner. Those are fighting for our Freedom and keeping American free. It is those who are fighting and dying on the Battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere. It is all those unsung heroes in US Special Forces who are duking it out with ISIS and those are on duty far away from their families and friends back home. Bruce Jenner is not one of them because he never did anything for this country and he never spilled his blood for the Freedoms we cherish in this country.

Another example of a real hero is those who are battling fatal diseases and cancer. Those people who could be foot in the grave are fighting cancer and diseases day in and day out.  They fight a battle that no one can ever imagine and I personally have met some of the people at the National Institutes of Health, who are fighting and battling against Cancers and deadly diseases. Those people are the real hero is because they fight a fight that can literally take their life. These people are the true hero is because they are on the front lines of a battle and they are battling for their lives. This is the kind of hero that Bruce Jenner will never be because he is not courageous enough to put his life and health on the line.

What you have in society is the mentality that people are calling a mentally delusional man a hero, when he isn’t no hero and has not done anything courageous. What he is, is a selfish, narcissistic, mentally ill man. He is not a Hero and he is not courageous. People who think that Bruce Jenner is a Hero and courageous, they need to have a hard look in the eyes of those fighting for our freedom’s in Afghanistan and look in the eyes of those who are battling Cancer and deadly diseases. Those are the real Hero’s and courageous people that Bruce Jenner will never be.