The liberal hypocrisy……at it’s finest

With what’s been happening lately with this Bruce Jenner crap, where he’s a White dude who thinks he’s a woman. If you thought that can’t get any stranger enough, enter Rachel Dolezal who is a white woman who thinks she black. It seems like liberalism and being mentally delusional has become the new normal for this country. It somehow feels like I have entered the Twilight Zone. Though it’s really funny to watch these liberals online try and justify Bruce Jenner for thinking he’s a woman and Rachel Dolezal for thinking she’s black.

I do have to thank Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner for exposing the whole world their liberal hypocrisy and delusional ideology that is so common in liberals and liberal groups. They both have shown the world how insane and delusional liberalism has become in this country. Where you have one white dude who thinks he’s a woman and one white woman who thinks she’s black. They both have exposed the liberal insanity that has become a hallmark of insane liberalism and appropriation of anything to justify their liberal insanity.

It just goes to show how liberals can’t seem to stay on point where they are trying to push what Bruce Jenner is doing as normal but at the same time are trying to call Rachel Dolezal very brave and radical. It seems like liberals have blown their whole ideology wide open and contradicting many of their core ideologies and creating the most laughable double standards such as this one

White privilege

You know what Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner remind me of, is those late night comedy shows you see from Saturday Night live, Mad tv and In living color in the 1990’s. In fact I think In living color predicted that something like Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner would come along and this video clearly predicted that someone like Rachel Dolezal would happen.