20 Outrageous Lies About Lao Cooking and the Lao

Their are many secrets to Lao food, that not even my folks will divulge to me. For fear I may squeal like a fat pidgon.

Little Laos on the Prairie

Well, for one reason or another, everyone’s talking about Lao cooking this week, and what we tell others about our roots and traditions. Which is all well and good, but in the meantime, just for fun, here’s a list of ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS AND INCORRECT LIES about Lao cooking.

DISCLAIMER: We are absolutely, totally NOT responsible for any drama that erupts if someone takes this seriously.

1: Ask for the SECRET menu at any Lao restaurant. Hint: You can get ANYTHING “Animal style”.

2. If you want to make a great impression on your first date, order them the Khai Luuk (aka balut)! It tastes like chicken!

3. When you order a papaya salad, don’t put up with the waitress being stingy on you. Tell them you want -60- hot peppers for the full experience!

4. Go ahead, ask for butter with your sticky rice.

5. Actually it’s not “Lay-otian” or…

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