What it really means to be Intersex

When people talk about what it means to be intersex and what they read about being Intersex, they sure were not mentioning these people on buzzfeed. What many people forget is that their many other people who have verifiable and diagnosed Intersex/DSD conditions like CAH, AIS, Turners, Kallmann’s and Klinefeltners as well.  We often forget about them because the media, society and intersex groups want what is hip and trendy as well. Many people often forget about other people who are Intersex/DSD and do not even ask them what it is like to be Intersex for them.

Therefore, in a way, I am going to give you my take on what it means to be Intersex/DSD and have Kallmann Syndrome. What many people do not know is that it is not easy being born with Kallmann syndrome and having ambiguous genitals. It is not easy looking 10 years younger than your age and having people think you look like in your 20’s instead of your actual age. I have had many people tell me I do not look 39 yrs old and instead look like 21 or 22 years old. Which often times surprises people when I do tell them my actual age. The other thing I often tell people what it means to have Kallmann syndrome is that I do not have the ability to smell anything. That is because my pituitary gland is so small, that it barely functions at all. Which is why I could not tell you if you stink or I smelled that fragrance or aroma. That is why in all my foods in the fridge, there is a clear label with the expiration date to remind me when food is bad. With Kallmann Syndrome, I am deaf in one ear and the other ear is holding on but will give out eventually. Which is why I have hearing aids and use them in loud situations.

The one thing I tell people about my intersex/DSD medical condition is that, having Kallmann Syndrome makes me infertile and I can’t have kids naturally. My body doesn’t produce any testosterone or any sperm for human reproduction. That means for me, I have no way of ever making a woman pregnant naturally and I have to rely on medical technology to make it happen. Even with my micropenis, I would not have the ability to have any normal sex life as well. That’s why with my penis, it will never grow and it never meet any normal natural male standard.

The other thing I tell people about having Kallmann syndrome is that many times people have often confused me with being a woman or looking way too young for my age. That is because being Asian American and Asian decadent; it is known that many Asians look much younger than their age. Even for me, I am often told I look much younger than my age and often times told I am lying about my age. When I show them proof, they are often times shocked. That is because of having Kallmann Syndrome and being younger looking than my actual age.

It’s why my point of view of what it means to be intersex is different from many other intersex people because they all depend on what type of Intersex condition they have and not all intersex conditions are the same. Some intersex conditions affect the body differently and are dependent upon medical factors and what the genetic DNA says. When you see that buzzfeed on what it means to be intersex, it’s taking a sample of what it means to be intersex and their view will depend on what type of intersex condition they have.

Which is why in the case of my Intersex condition. What it means to be intersex varies so much from one intersex person to intersex people will largely depend on what kind of intersex condition he or she have and what their diagnosis is.  It is why for my Intersex condition, mines are unique in the Intersex community and that is something that is worth documenting and talking about. However, many other intersex people would equally like to share their story as well.  It would be a shame if their stories are not heard and learn what it means to be intersex from their prospective.  Mine, I’m always glad to tell my story on what it means to be intersex/DSD from a point of view of someone who has Kallmann syndrome and is living with this condition.